About me

Hello friends, family and the (literal) ghosts of past lovers.If you have found yourself stumbling into my blog there is one thing is must say. why are you here ? I’m of course (not) kidding. In all honesty if you are on this about me page you must be wondering about me. How wonderful, i love attention. well here we go

I am 21 years old in human years, in dog years i’d be dead.

I am about to (THANK GOD OH MY GOD YES ) graduate from CEGEP in the studio arts program.

I am afraid of spiders.

I want to get into CNA’s (college of the north Atlantic) Video Game art and Design Program.

I Have a really strong sweet tooth, i basically eat like a humming bird trapped in a lions body.

I was born in Stuttgart Germany March 11th 1996.

People still ask me if i’m excited for prom even though prom was  4 years ago , its not my fault i have a chubby little baby face jeSUS CHRIST BRENDA JUST LET ME LOOK AT THESE HEELS WITHOUT YOUR ASSUMPTIONS.

I can’t sleep at night, because of the witch’s curse.

I prefer creative writing than essay/academic writing.

I am the nap queen #doyouevennapbro?

I have 6 cats and am completely prepared to die alone at this point.

i’ll fight anyone who doesn’t like spicy mayo.